Recap Week One

April 21- 22, 2014
Day One
Today was the day I traveled to Italy! The group started the trek from Bowling Green to Nashville at 8:30 am. We arrived and got checked in by 11 so we grabbed some food before our first flight boarded. We flew from Nashville to JFK without incidence and then later from JFK and Milan the same way. The groups’ bags made it safely and my host family, along with Lucia, met us at the airport. In our excitement from getting our bags and the surprise that there was really no Customs to go through we overlooked them. We sat and waited for an hour thinking Lucia had forgotten us! If that’s the worst that happens then I’d say we had a boring trip! The group set off from the airport toward Piacenza and the rest of the girls met their families at the school we were placed. My family has Paola, the mother, Luigi, the father, Simone, the MALE student, and Elena and Elisa, his younger students. I capitalize male because I was under the impression that Simone was another daughter until I saw him. I conferred with the professor who had the contact and who had placed me with the family and was told the family had 3 girls. I’m sure he was less thrilled about his stuffed animal than the girls were. Once my family and I left the school we headed home and I unpacked then we had lunch. DELICIOUS !!!!!! Paolo cooked pasta, potatoes with cheese and prosciutto, fish, and sweet rolls with chocolate center. Definitely need to remember to eat a smaller first course next time!
The real excitement started after lunch. The family’s cat had got stuck in a tree, their husky had chased it up there earlier in the day. Elena and Luigi climbed up and got it out but the whole way down to the ground he was clawing at tree branches and trying to grab anything to keep ahold of. Once they were close enough to the ground Luigi dropped the cat into Paolo’s arms. Unfortunately the cat slipped through and began running around the backyard and hit a fence, twice. Finally the cat made it to safety but not before both Paolo and Simone fell trying to keep it safe. I went with the family to sightsee and sports practice for Simone and Elena. Dinner then bed.

April 23, 2014
Day Two
Today was my first day teaching in my Italian school. There was some confusion about where I was supposed to be and where the materials that I needed were but other than that it went as smoothly as teaching in a foreign language could LOL. Some students and teachers could speak English but some could not at all. The students that understood better explained in Italian to the students that didn’t. After school I headed home for lunch which consisted of spinach pasta, artichokes with onions, spinach, strawberries with bananas and gelato. All extremely good.

April 24, 2014
Day Three
Today at school there were a few hiccups. My first class, mainly boys, did not seem as interested in the lesson as they were playing with the materials. I was told later that is a more difficult class even for seasoned teachers (that speak Italian). That made me feel a little better but I made several changes in the lesson and in went much better in the next class. Whenever I have time at the end of the lesson I ask the students if they have any questions about America, myself, or Kentucky. Majority ask the following questions:
Do you play sports?
Do you have a boyfriend?
How old are you?
Where are you from?
How is the weather in Kentucky?
What kind of music do you like?
Do you know Bruce Springsteen?
After school the group went to lunch together then back to school for a meeting. After the meeting we went with Lucia to visit a church, St. Mary’s of the countryside. Pictures to follow.
Tomorrow is a holiday so my host family and I are going to “the sea”. I don’t know anything else but that.
Saturday, Lucia, Lindsey, Sandy, Madison, and I will travel to Milan to sightsee.

So far it has been a very exciting trip.

Until next time,