Things you can do in Italy that you can’t in KY

Below is a list of observed things that would never work/happen in Kentucky

– making a parking spot wherever you want. Literally everywhere.
– driving like there’s two lanes when there’s only one.
– drivers yield at crosswalks (kinda)
– bikes get the right of way.
– there’s cyclists on the highway.
– there are ALWAYS people in the street. And they never look scared they’re going to get hit.
– the people here don’t say “excuse me” or “sorry” when they run into you.
– there are no free refills and you have to pay for water.
– people openly wear American profanity on their clothing. Do you know what that says/means ?!
More to come…..

About my trip to Milan– the Duomo was beautiful but otherwise not a great trip. Traveling to Rome this weekend and hope it goes better.

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I miss my Warren East kids so much.